Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Limo Services

When you decide to hire a limo, whether it is for your wedding or any other event, you need to be careful to avoid making mistakes. Hiring a limo can be simple or catastrophic depending on the actions that you take. Take your time and do your homework so that you can get exactly what you want from the limo services.

Basing the decision on price

Making your decision based only on the price is a common mistake that you should avoid. Many people have made grave mistakes because of shopping by price. When you decide to get the cheapest service, you risk getting poor quality. While price is important and there is nothing wrong with trying to get a great deal, cheap services can end up being a costly mistake. If you take your time to research the options available, you can get good services within your budget.

Making a hasty decision

Another mistake that you should avoid is making a hasty decision. You might be pressed for time but that is no reason to go with the first offer you get. Research several options and investigate different companies before you make the final decision. Setting enough time to shop can be very helpful but if it is a last minute decision, make sure that you get references. You need to make sure that you get reliable service and a vehicle that is adequate for your needs.

Choosing the wrong vehicle

A common mistake is choosing a vehicle that is inadequate for your needs. If you are hiring a wedding limo, it can be a mistake to get a vehicle without space for your party. Determine the number of people you are travelling with and hire a vehicle that will hold everyone. Limousines come in different models and sizes to suit different needs and you can get the most suitable vehicle for your situation. This will prevent a scenario where you need to hire additional vehicles at the last moment.

Making assumptions

It is important to know exactly what you are getting from the limo services to avoid nasty surprises. There are different services available and they usually differ in price. You need to know what you are paying for and determine if you need extras. Many companies have all-inclusive packages for weddings and other events and you need to know all the costs and the details included. Do not assume the photo on the website is the vehicle you will get.

Party Buses Are The New and Hip Way of Having Fun

Ever wondered if it’s possible to spice up your Friday night without a lot of money and time consuming preparations? The truth is that most of us are already bored with all those crowded clubs, expensive restaurants and cheesy events that nobody really wants to be part of. But what if there was an alternative, a way of getting together with your friends, in a private and enjoyable night out on the town? For quite a lot of people the answer is renting a party bus.

If you are not familiar with the term, you should know that party buses are similar to limousines with respect to the luxurious interior and similar to clubs as far the sound and lighting systems are concerned. They are literally the best way to keep the party “going”. Limo buses are a great way to escape from the traditional party, while not worrying about any designated driver (our professionals will ensure that you won’t have to concern yourself with the safety of the road or any itinerary). Just to put things into perspective, imagine a sightseeing tour or a birthday party in the most extravagant automobile you’ve ever seen.

This unique type of rental service can be ideal for graduations or even corporate events, luxury and safety being priorities for this type of companies. The reason for this is mostly due to the fact that a large number of people can be transported with a single car, therefore you don’t need to split up your group. A limo can and will get everything done, all your guests and associates being satisfied with the experience and maybe even returning the favor as soon as possible.

If you’re wondering about the types of luxury cars that you can find in most cities, the fleets are usually comprised of Cadillac Escalades (six passengers), limo SUV (up to 13 passengers) and party buses that can carry up to 20 passengers. No matter the event, you will surely find what you are looking for.

The price range is also rather affordable, with prices that start (for party buses) from $175 per hour, so less than $50 per person for the best party you will ever be a part of.

You can find out more online at the specialized forums but almost everybody will agree that, at least once a year, you must go and have fun in a SUV limo or a party bus.

New Zealand Rental Van Day Trip Ideas

If you’re heading to New Zealand on holiday, a rental van is a great way to get outside the main centres and explore without committing to a full rental car journey. Each of the main centres has a huge selection of nearby places to explore that can be reached within a day, and allow you to see a glimpse of the real New Zealand. No matter where in the country you’re headed, enjoy the change of scenery and pace. A rental van lets you bring as much as you want and split costs between family and friends – it’s definitely a case of the more the merrier!

Auckland Day Trip Ideas

Matakana – 45 minutes from the CBD and a natural playground. Contains a beach, forest as well as a small township offering shops and a farmer’s market.

Great Barrier Isalnd – Untouched native forests that hide hotsprings and clear white beaches. A winding road to get there, but truly worth it.

Duder Regional Park – Accessed via the Southern Motorway, a farm park that looks over the Hauraki Gulf and provides splendid scenic views of the entire city.

Christchurch Day Trip Ideas

Hanmer Springs – An alpine resort town just an hour and a half drive north from the city. Large pine forests with walking and biking tracks and the famous natural hot pools make it perfect for any season and weather.

Okain’s Bay – Located on the Bank’s Peninsula and offering a safe beach and shallow lagoon for kids to play in, as well as a sheltered pine forest for picnic lunches.

Lake Coleridge – A large lake nestled in a valley inland from Christchurch. Gentle beaches offer swimming and kayaking, and the journey there takes you through some of the beautiful Canterbury plains scenery.

Dunedin Day Trip Ideas

Larnach Castle – Located just outside the city, a fully preserved historic castle – and the only castle in New Zealand.

Taieri Gorge Railway – An historic railway line that can make return or one-way trips. Perfect for getting a glimpse of stunning southern mountain scenery.

Taiaroa Head – An albatross colony with nature walks and an information centre to learn more about these majestic sea birds.

New Zealand offers a huge range of day trip opportunities allowing you to see unique sides of the country without needing to pay and book extra overnight accommodation. Select a destination close to any of the major cities and enjoy your day out.